(WJER) - Moravian Church leaders are inviting the community to celebrate the resurrection and new beginnings this Sunday. Historic Schoenbrunn Village will once again be the site for the annual Easter Sunrise Service at 7:00 a.m.  Dover First Moravian Church Pastor John Wallace says four of the seven local Moravian Church congregations come together to put this program on. Wallace says it’s a tradition that can be traced back to 1774, when David Zeisberger celebrated the first Easter morning experience culminating at the cemetery. Wallace says Sunday’s service will also end at the cemetery with a ceremony for those in attendance to honor loved ones who have passed away since last Easter.                  

(WJER) - Spring sports will take center stage at Tuscora Park Saturday as New Philadelphia High School hosts its annual Gundy Day. Quaker Club Representative Darrin Lautenschleger says it is one of the best days of the year for the spring sports programs, starting with the club’s pancake breakfast at 7:00 a.m. The breakfast at the Tuscora Park pavilion includes all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage, coffee, and more from 7:00 to 11:00 a.m. Tickets are five dollars and available at the door. Lautenschleger says the fundraiser is just one way the club helps New Philadelphia students. Lautenschleger says the club also recently finished the purchase of the Quaker Dome and turned it over to the district. He says the cost was nearly $700,000 but was done without taxpayer funds because of the efforts of the Quaker Club.

DOVER (WJER) (Apr 19,2019) - Traffic fatalities in Tuscarawas County are on pace with last year’s statistics about a third of the way through the year. The Ohio State Highway Patrol reports there were four fatal crashes with four deaths in Tuscarawas County between January 1 and April 14. In 2018, the patrol reported 11 fatal crashes with 12 fatalities for the entire year. Safe Communities Coordinator Kelly Snyder says the federally-funded Safe Communities grant is being used to keep those statistics down. Snyder says they are sharing several messages about safe driving through media campaigns, conducting speaking visits and hosting special events like the Teen Driving Roadeo next week.

DOVER (WJER) (Apr 19,2019) - The Tuscora Lodge Fraternal Order of Police president is calling attention to an elections practice that he says has become a security threat in the changing times. Bob Everett says he’s contacted the Tuscarawas County Board of Elections, urging them to find other places besides schools to host their precincts. Everett says he thinks there are other places the board could utilize for voting purposes such as churches and community halls. County elections officials were not immediately available for comment on these concerns. 

(TUSCO TV) (Apr 18,2019) -  The Tuscarawas County Commissioners are moving to finalize the transfer of about 300 county sewer district customers to the city of Dover. The commissioners earlier this week authorized a quarter-million-dollar payment to the city as part of an agreement to resolve a legal dispute over wastewater service in several communities just outside the city.  Dover Law Director Douglas O’Meara says the county has agreed to have dover provide water and sewer service to residents of the Renner-Ridgewood Subdivision and the communities of Parral and Lowden he says the payment will help them get set up to start serving those customers and extend a waterline. O’Meara says the new customers should have confidence in the services. O’Meara says the city should be ready to start serving the additional customers by the end of September.

(TUSCO TV) (Apr 18,2019) - Village officials are trying to save some money by having two abandoned buildings torn down at the same time. Mayor Pat Cadle says they recently met with two different contractors interested in demolishing the former Simonds Factory and asked them for estimates to tear down the Cooley Hotel. Cadle says they’re hoping they companies will give them a discount on the second project if they’re already going to be in town. Cadle says the hotel started going up nearly a century ago but never reached completion. He says the unfinished structure has deteriorated to where it’s no longer salvageable. Cadle says neither project can get underway until they have all of the asbestos removed from the Simonds building. He says they have a company coming in later this week to give them a better idea of what that might cost so they can start looking at some grant opportunities.

(WJER) (Apr 17,2019) - The Claymont non-teaching staff members who were out on strike for 22 days now have their new contract. The school board approved the deal Tuesday after the OAPSE Union Members ended their strike last Friday. It includes annual pay raises of 3%, 2.25% and 2%. School Board President Austin Beckley said he doesn’t understand though why it took so long for the union to accept this contract offer. OAPSE Attorney Thomas Drabick says everybody hopes to go back to providing services to students, to the community and doing the best job they can for Claymont Schools. Superintendent Scott Golec says all 260 employees will be back to work by when spring break ends for the students Monday.

(WJER)(Apr 17,2019) - City Health Department officials are sharing a photo of a cat who had an encounter with a rabid bat recently, in hopes of tracking down its owner. Environmental Health Director Lee Finley says they spotted the feline yesterday while talking to homeowners around Second Drive Ne where the bat was originally collected. He says they’ve updated the description of the cat since it was first reported. It’s now being described as a grayish long-haired cat known to roam the same neighborhood. Finley says while they were on their way to let the calico-owner know their cat was okay, they spotted the allegedly-infected feline which the original witness to the incident last week confirmed was the same cat seen with the dead bat. Finley says the rabies virus typically takes a long time to incubate so there’s no immediate danger, but he says they need to find the feline’s owner so they can get the animal into quarantine.

(WJER) (Apr 17,2019) - School officials say their field house on East High Avenue is quickly becoming a shared educational space for the district’s youngest students. Superintendent David Brand says contractors are finishing up second floor renovations at the Quaker Dome to turn the current office spaces into four preschool classrooms for next years students. Brand says it’s convenient having a district owned building serve as their preschool after Starlight Schools took back their space as they undergo reprogramming. Brand says work is coming along smoothly and on time and he says the space looks like it will be ready to handle their class sizes. Monday, the board transferred $200-thousand from the preschool fund, and $203-thousand from the general fund into the dome project fund.

(WJER) (Apr 17,2019) - The Ohio Department of Transportation’s 2019 construction season is here. ODOT’s schedule this year has 16 projects totaling $27-million in Tuscarawas County. District 11 spokeswoman Lauren Borell says that includes wrapping up work on State Route 39 at the I-77 and U.S. 250 interchange. Intersection improvements are happening at Bluebell Drive and West High Avenue in New Philadelphia. There’s a $750-thousand sidewalk project in Bolivar. And a 10-foot wide concrete bike trail will be installed at the Lawrence Township River Park off State Route 212.

 (WJER) (Apr 16, 2019)  - Tuscarawas County Sheriff’s officials say they are working to figure out if a mechanical error prevented some sirens from going off during Sunday’s tornado warning.  Sheriff Orvis Campbell says it was documented that a dispatcher at the 911 center did click the activation button, but the sirens around Dover and New Philadelphia remained silent. Campbell says a computer system update from a week ago is one possible cause they are looking into. The National Weather Service has confirmed an EFO tornado did touch down in Dover Township, destroying a barn on Gasser Road. 

(WJER) (Apr 16, 2019) -  Health officials are looking for a cat that has been in contact with a bat confirmed this week to be infected with rabies. Environmental Health Director Lee Finley says his department was contacted by a homeowner on 2nd Drive NE Friday to report finding a dead bat that a neighbor’s cat had caught. Finley says they are now asking for the public’s help locating the calico cat before it’s too late he says anyone who finds a cat matching that description should use gloves if they pick it up or contact the health department to have them catch it. Finley says it’s early in the season to be finding rabies, but he says he’s not surprised to find the virus again given last year’s cases. He says they are still following state guidelines every time a dead bat is found he says if it’s found in a home’s sleeping areas, or in a home with young children, they are required by law to test the animal. Finley says vaccines given within 96-hours of exposure are still effective, so he says they hope to find the cat and treat it before the virus takes hold, if it was infected. 

(WJER) (Apr 16, 2019) - School officials say residents can put on their work boots the first weekend in May for an early look at the new high school. Superintendent Carla Birney says they are opening up the Walnut Street gate for guided tours May 4th between 9:00 a.m and noon so visitors can get a closer look at how their tax dollars are being put to use. Birney says it’ll be a bare bone look at the layout of the future school. Birney says some areas are a little further along, and one special piece is already installed and ready to be displayed just as it will be once the school is finished. The 37-foot steel beam signed by students and staff is already up in the choir room. Birney says visitors must wear closed-toed shoes and wear appropriate clothing as they’ll be walking through an ongoing construction zone. She says children are welcome on the tour, only if they are accompanied by an adult.

(WJER) (Apr 16, 2019) - A Dover house targeted for demolition by the city may have received a last-minute stay of execution. Dover City Council on Monday had been scheduled to vote on tearing down the home at 529 Shawnee Drive as a blighted and nuisance structure. But instead, service director Dave Douglas told council the bank that owns it finally responded to the city’s inquiries. Douglas says the house has about four feet of water in the basement, among other problems, but for now what to do with the property is up to the bank. Meanwhile, the city still hopes to demolish another blighted house at 218 West 12th street, depending on the results of asbestos testing.

(TUSCO TV) (Apr 15,2019) -  Dover City Schools’ new treasurer is getting settled into his role after his first full week on the job. Andrew Bache took over as the district treasurer this month, replacing Marsha Clark, who resigned in January. Matt King had been the interim treasurer in the meantime. Bache says his background in Dover has helped him get acclimated. Bache says he has also benefited from some great mentors, including former treasurer Brenda Hurst. Bache says he’s excited to be part of a team leading his alma mater. Bache lives in Dover with his wife and two children, ages two and five months.

(WJER) (Apr 15,2019) -  The Grinch of warm weather season has made an early return to Tuscarawas County. It’s only April, but local health officials say they have already received reports of ticks in Tuscarawas County. Environmental Health Director Caroline Terakedis says outdoor enthusiasts should protect themselves and their pets from the disease-carrying pests whenever and wherever they venture out. She says to avoid ticks, stay away from tall grass and leaf litter, and use insect repellent. After going out, check your entire body and your pet’s entire body for ticks. She says if you find one, remove it carefully using gloves and tweezers. Terakedis says ticks carry harmful diseases, including Lyme disease. She says symptoms can include fever, headache, fatigue and a skin rash that looks like a bull’s eye. Terakedis says if you see this rash on a person or a pet, you should call a health professional.

(WJER) (Apr 15,2019) - Claymont’s union-represented custodians, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and teachers aides are preparing to head back to work after more than three weeks on strike. OAPSE called off the strike Friday afternoon after its members voted 54 to 27 to approve the school board’s last, best and final offer from March 22nd. Union Vice President and Claymont maintenance mechanic Darrin Castello says they’re happy, although they wish it didn’t take so long. Claymont Board of Education President Austin Beckley said the board will be having a special meeting Tuesday at 6 pm to take a vote on the contract. He said he won’t be able to comment on the matter until after that happens. If they approve the contract, the OAPSE workers could be back on the job by mid-week.

CINCINNATI (AP) — A 23-year-old man accused of impersonating a long-missing child is scheduled for arraignment in federal court. Brian Michael Rini of Medina, Ohio, will go before Magistrate Karen Litkovitz in a Friday afternoon hearing in Cincinnati. He was indicted this week of two counts of lying to federal agents and one count of aggravated identity theft.

PORTSMOUTH, Ohio (AP) — A man already convicted in three slayings and serving a life sentence has pleaded guilty to attempted aggravated murder and other charges in an attack on an Ohio prison guard. Casey Pigge has been sentenced to 32 more years in prison. Pigge pleaded guilty Wednesday in Scioto County in the Feb. 20, 2018, attack on Matthew Mathias. Authorities said Pigge and a co-defendant attacked the officer at Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville as he was escorting them to the infirmary.

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. health officials are giving $350 million to researchers in four states to help battle the opioid epidemic. The effort aims to cut overdose deaths by 40% in local communities by implementing science-backed strategies for preventing and treating drug addiction and overdoses. The grants from the National Institutes of Health will go the University of Kentucky, Boston Medical Center, New York City's Columbia University and Ohio State University.|

CLEVELAND (AP) — An associate warden and two corrections officers at a troubled county jail in Cleveland have been indicted less than two weeks after five other guards were charged with various offenses. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced Thursday that Cuyahoga County associate warden Eric Ivey is charged with tampering with evidence for ordering a guard to turn off his body camera during an August 2018 emergency where an inmate died.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The release of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller has left Congress with a tough choice. Republicans would like to move on past the probe of Russian interference in the election. Democrats are debating how hard to pursue investigations of President Donald Trump, including whether to consider impeachment proceedings. Democratic leaders are wary of that step.

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump was determined to choke off special counsel Robert Mueller's probe of the 2016 presidential election. That is a finding of the Mueller report released Thursday. Trump thought the investigation was threatening his presidency. But many of his efforts to shut the probe down were mostly unsuccessful because people who surrounded him declined to carry out orders.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former White House counsel Don McGahn repeatedly pushed back against President Donald Trump's efforts to derail the probe of special counsel Robert Mueller. For that, Trump may offer McGahn a debt of gratitude, even though the two are not close. Mueller concluded that McGahn and others effectively halted Trump's efforts to influence the investigation, prompting some White House officials and outside observers to call him an unsung hero in protecting Trump.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Forecasters say multiple tornadoes may have hit southwest and central Mississippi on Thursday, although they won't be sure until damage is surveyed. Strong storms roared across the South killing two Mississippi drivers and a woman in Alabama while leaving more than 100,000 people without power across Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. On the back side of the storm system, there were reports late Thursday of high winds in southern Oklahoma.

LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) — A religious service Thursday night began three days of commemorative events marking the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting massacre in Colorado. Following the service is a day of community service projects and a Saturday ceremony at a park near the school. Meanwhile, the community is awaiting more details on what led an 18-year-old Florida woman, allegedly infatuated with the shooting, to buy a shotgun and kill herself in the snowy foothills nearby.

NCAA: Ohio State quarterback Matthew Baldwin has signaled his intention to transfer. A school spokesman confirmed the redshirt freshman has entered his name into the NCAA transfer portal. He was competing for the starting job in spring practice with Georgia transfer Justin Fields, who was the favorite to win the job. Baldwin's transfer will leave graduate transfer Chris Chugunov as Fields' only backup.


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